About Us

FirstFixYourSoil was born from a family owned local wholesale landscape supply company, WS Connelly & Company, that began in 1947. Since that time the initial business has evolved and moved in various directions and branched into different areas. We’ve moved into 5 states and continue to serve our customers well. As we continued to grow our retail customers, one theme remained constant, the realization that the average home owner was not being provided the information necessary to properly amend their soil. Routinely, our staff would explain, over and over again, best practices regarding seasonal applications. And, in those early days we would regularly write down instructions for the homeowner to follow, and year after year many a customer would return to our store carrying our original instruction list with them.

At this point, we knew there must be a better way.

Our mission began out of the desire to provide all growers, professional and homeowner alike, a means to safely and accurately apply soil amendments.

We knew that state extension offices offer consumers a soil analysis, however, we also knew the information that their analysis provides is typically not very useful to the non-agronomist. Working with our colleagues in the Plant and Science Department at Virginia Tech we began studying ways to take scientific soil analysis results and convert them into meaningful application instructions. We also wanted our system to be able to make application instructions based on the homeowner’s specific product line (brand). Developing our soil analysis algorithm was a tedious and lengthy process that went through significant testing before we arrived at the finish line with our groSMART calculator.

FirstFixYourSoil utilizes the groSMART calculator to deliver you not only a detailed soil analysis, but also, easy to
understand, specific instructions, by season, for employing agronomic best practices for applying soil amendments.

Take control. End the confusion.
Get the answers you need with our

FirstFixYourSoil test kit


– Great system! Instructions are so simple to follow, you can’t mess it up! Best of all, my tomatoes are thriving.
Al, High Point, NC