A soil test is the first step in effectively managing your soil’s health.

A soil test is the first step in effectively managing your soil’s health. 

We determine the soil deficiencies for the following elements:

At FirstFixYourSoil we use the groSMART system, a powerful and robust, proven system that will calculate and convert your 6oz soil sample results into customized, easy to understand, annual instructions that are backed by science.

Our system will identify the deficiencies in your 6oz soil sample. Using the groSMART calculator, our system will provide you with prescriptive, science backed instructions to give you healthy soil.

Based on your soil sample, our system will calculate the prescriptive amounts of each treatment product you need to correct your soil deficiencies.

No “one size fits all” approach with our system. Our instructions are customized to

Our instructions provide you with a user friendly 12 month calendar showing you: Exactly what product to apply, when to apply the product and how much to apply.

Our FIRSTFIXYOURSOIL system allows you to:

Stop over-applying fertilizers and other products.

Stop buying products you don’t need.

Stop over applying and wasting your time and money.

We teach our customers how to be environmentally responsible with their fertilizing and nutrient applications. By providing customers with science backed soilCORRECTION application instructions individuals can confidently follow best management practices to correct their soil.

Take control. End the confusion.
Get the answers you need with our

FirstFixYourSoil soilCORRECTION kit