The Perfect Bundle for Fall Lawn Maintenance!
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Our Fall Bundle includes everything you’ll need to maintain your lawn this Fall.

20 lb Bag of Premium Treated Grass Seed
Truly a game changer for homeowners in search of a premium lawn product that germinates quickly, requires less water and produces more sustainable turf. This premium seed has all the attributes necessary to ensure you’ll quickly see a beautiful lawn; one with a highly developed root system resulting in the value you seek when investing in your outdoor creation. groSMART Premium Grass Seed is a perfect tall fescue for high-quality, low maintenance yards.
groSMART Starter Fertilizer   25 lb bag
groSMART 8-14-4 is a fortified blend of Hydra G enhanced lime containing PHCA to ensure seedling development and increase turf vigor, reducing weed pressure. PHCA fortified starter enables groSMART 8-14-4 w/17% Ca. to perform like 12-24-12. 17% Calcium strengthens plant and enhances seedling vigor. The PHCA helps the plant take in more of the nutrients from the soil.
groSMART Enhanced Calcium Lime  25 lb bag
groSMART Enhanced Calcitic Lime provides the homeowner a premier option for taking care of your lawn. It combines the power of pellet limestone and increased calcium. groSMART Enhanced Calcitic Lime works much more efficiently than lime and can work in as little as weeks, compared to 6-8 months for dolomitic limestone.