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Cool Season Grasses: Kentucky Bluegrass; perennial Rye; Turf-type Tall Fescue; Fine Fescue. Suited for cooler climates.

Warm Season Grasses: Bahia; Bermuda grass; Centipede; St. Augustine; Zoysia. Suited for warmer, tropical and subtropical climates.

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Our FirstFixYourSoil correction kit is your first step in getting the scientific, detailed instructions that you need to correct your soil and get the lawn you have always wanted. 

You will receive:

Comprehensive, scientific analysis of your soil to determine its deficiencies and requirements

Detailed, prescriptive annual instructions to guide you with your application for each season.

Our instructions provide you with:

– exactly which treatment products to buy;

– exactly how much product is needed; and

– exactly when to apply it.