First, Fix Your Soil. Make it healthy. Then plant!

Healthy soil enables you to grow beautiful lawns, gardens and landscapes and take care of the environment. That’s why we invented the unique soilSMART soilCORRECTION System. soilSMART is not a simple soil test service. We are unique in that once we provide your soil analysis, we then provide personalized recommendations and branded products that can be easily ordered online and delivered right to your door. Our lab will analyze your soil sample to determine the nutrients needed to correct the quality of your soil, our powerful soilSMART Algorithm will provide you with easy-to-follow scientific instructions, then our products help you maintain the quality of your soil. soilSMART is a committed partner, working with you to achieve healthy, sustainable, beautiful lawns, gardens and landscapes.

Our soilSMART soilCORRECTION System provides:

  • An in depth analysis of your soil’s chemistry, allowing you to correct your soil deficiencies, while applying less chemicals and spending less money
  • A Seasonal Calendar showing you exactly which soilSMART products to purchase, when to apply and how much to apply, to achieve ultimate results

This is soilSMART!

We are so much more than a soil test. We are a complete solution.

The soilSMART Difference!

Our soilSMART soilCORRECTION System
Traditional Soil Test
Corrects Your Soil Scientifically
soilSMART provides 4 season instructions to correct your soil. Trust the science behind soilCORRECTION.
Most soil tests leave you confused. You get results, but no instructions.
Helps Your Soil and the Environment
Stop guessing. Stop overapplying. The soilSMART soilCORRECTION system prescribes scientific instructions and even lets you select organic based remedy products.
Doesn’t fix your problem. You continue to over apply, which damages the environment.
Saves You Time and Money
By following our custom instructions, you will only apply the products needed, saving you time and money. soilSMART products can be ordered online and delivered right to your front door.
You waste both time and money as you either over or under apply.
Free Customer Service
Our soilSMART Experts offer free, live consulting to our customers, either online or through our toll free number. Call us with your questions!
You don’t understand your soil test results and there is no one to ask for help.